For awhile I have wanted to incorporate student made infographics. I know that some teachers have students draw them on paper but I really want the students in my class work more digitally.  So through this website: I created an infographic on How to Make a Grilled Cheese.  Which to me is a common food that a 6th grader can easily make at home.  This is not always the case!  Here is the infographic that I created using the websites ready made template:

I think that using infographics will give me another way to evaluate students in both the foods room and the sewing room.  In sewing, the students do have a physical piece of evidence to turn in to me.  This web tool would be a way to reinforce the steps in threading a sewing machine which seems to be an issue for many students.  Although, there are only 6 steps to put the thread into the machine and they can play and memorize all they need to do to play their video games!!


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