How Can Schools Best Handle BYOD?

There are advantages and pitfalls for school districts that allow students to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).  The cost saving for computer equipment for districts is the most obvious reason to BYOD.  However, there are many other factors that must be considered as well.

Having students bring their own device at a basic level entails students signing agreements, learning how to sign in to the school server either as a guest of by a specific account. One reason for students to use their own technology is that they can become better at troubleshooting an issue with their own device.  Student can also work on “lower level thinking assignments” for homework and then be ready for problem solving assignments at school.

As a school district there are many factors to consider for BYOD.  For example, students owned equipment will be on different operating systems and the student information platform will need to be able to handle the devices. Beyond those 2 larger issues, there are “nuts and bolts” of students being able to print, connect to teacher computer, sync files, in general, be able to connect to the devices in the classroom.   Teachers will need to consider different platforms when designing lessons and make sure the information for the lessons are truly independent learning.

Lastly, teachers will need training on various devices for success in the classroom.  Many times this can be accomplished through a network of teachers who become “experts” at certain technology and train/mentor other teachers as well.  This will truly foster the Professionals Learning Community that exists today.

Should Schools Embrace “Bring Your Own Device”?

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One thought on “How Can Schools Best Handle BYOD?

  1. Excellent topic. BYOD sounds so appealing until you consider the points you’ve mentioned. I don’t think I’d want to be the IT Guy who had to manage it. Well thought-out article.


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